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2 comments Postal Money Order SCAM!!, Buyer Beware!!!

By John Taylor

Hartford CT

I hope this reaches as many people as possible so maybe I can save even one person from being cheated and defrauded!! My job as a sales person affords me many nights away from home and sometimes brings me into spotty areas around the country. I decided about 6 months ago to put my genuine rolex in a bank safe and began researching replicas online. It was very confusing as there are hundreds of websites with many different qualities and price points. I had been to Canal Street in New York once before and had seen the replicas on the street there but was looking for something with a bit more polish and longer lasting. What intrigued me were these swiss replicas that I started seeing on various sites claiming to be 99% identical to the real thing with solid gold parts and authentic swiss movements. This was exciting as it sounded like something I would be interested in because an ETA movement is a fine machine so I knew that I would be getting a quality timepiece.

There were quite a few websites that seemed to be selling the same quality and after countless hours of research I chose I wish I had never come across this website!! My first impressions were good as it's a very informative website with a customer friendly interface and I liked the fact that I could pickup the phone and speak to a live person. Price was also very attractive as there prices seemed a few hundred less then their competitors which the person on the phone explained to me that they could do this because of the amount of watches they keep in inventory. Everything seemed fine and the sales rep was very patient with me answering all of my questions and relieving my concerns (mainly about quality). Then came the first red flag, (I wish I would have followed my instincts!!). When I mentioned that I wanted to pay with a credit card I was told that they were having some "merchant account issues" and that for a small discount they could ship the watch to me via COD. I was a bit hesitant because I wanted to put it on a credit card so I could pay it off over the next few months instead of all at once, but they assured me that along with the discount I would be able to inspect the product and there was absolutely no risk!

The next day I contacted fedex and asked to speak to a supervisor so I could be sure that I would receive a consistent answer to my questions. I asked the person at fedex if I was able to inspect the cod package and they told me that under no circumstances was I able to open the package and that I would have to hand over the money order before the driver would release the package to me. This is where I put some of the blame on myself because after receiving this bit of info I should have stopped right there!

BUT my impatience got the best of me because I called bluefakes right back and told them what the fedex supervisor had stated to me, bluefakes reply was that they had a special arrangement with fedex and that because they had been doing business with fedex for years they were allowing their COD packages to be inspected. At the time it sounded convincing but my excitement was taking over the best of me!

After a few days of sleeping on it I decided to go ahead with this since I had a trip planned and wanted to bring the watch with me. So that same day I called Bluefakes back and placed an order for a 2-Tone SUB BLUE dial and was given a price of $700. I was told that I needed to pay with a US Postal Money order. (This is where they get you, more on this later). So the next day at around 11:30 the driver pulls up and he has my package. I asked him to hand it over so I can have a look before I give it him the money order, he tells me that he cannot do that and that he needs the payment. I was frustrated but here is a driver standing here waiting to leave and I figure since bluefakes did send something and they had answered all of my questions everything seemed on the up and up so I pay the driver and he goes on his merry way. Lucky for me I was sitting down when I opened the package.

I was shocked to see what was inside, it wasn't worth more then a cheap quartz watch you buy from walmart!! The replica I had bought on Canal Street put this watch to shame!! I was pissed off at this point so I immediately called bluefakes as I assumed that a mistake must have been made. As soon as I mention my name I hear a dial tone!! Numerous attempts later and no answer! At this point I am thinking the worst and seeing this watch sitting on my desk didn't help my anger!! Once I settled down I drive to the post office to see if they can cancel the money order that I had just purchased the day before and get this they tell me that they CANNOT put a stop payment on a money order only after 90 days!!! So there you go by that time bluefakes has already spent your money!!! This is madness and I cannot believe I fell for this scam!! After speaking to my lawyer there isn't much that can be done since we have no real information on this company since its operated out of some chinese mail drop in the Bronx! The part about the postal money order should raise a red flag to anyone wanting to buy something from bluefakes or anyone else on the internet for that matter because there is absolutely no way to get back your money once you hand over that check to the fedex driver!! Had I paid with a cashiers check from my bank I would have been able to put a stop payment on it and it would be over!! At this point I am out the $700 but I will post this on as many blogs as I can so I can get the word out about these crooks. They even have some fancy telephone system where they can block your number from calling after they have already scammed you! When I try calling from my number I get a dead busy signal! I have even tried calling them from a payphone and no luck!! But when calling from a friends cell phone it rings right through to them! Maybe if we can form some kind of group we could hand over all of our evidence to the feds because even though these are replicas they are getting away with fraud and this is on a large scale I believe!!

If you value your money, avoid buying from COD and especially buying from BLUEFAKES.COM. I am proof that they are a HUGE SCAM!!!

John Taylor

Monetary Loss: $700.

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I doubt you own a real rolex


You may call.

515-451-2267 :cry

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